One of the largest land-based manufacturers, Bally Gaming, found their perfect online layout to release a wonderful slot machine with a peculiar title – Thunderhorn. If you know a thing or two about African Savanna, then some dusty pictures of storm desert might conjure up in your head as this is exactly the place where thunderous rhinos with their adorable, yet dangerous horns happen to dwell. To be honest, rhino-themed video machines are not a commonplace option to look up, but Bally have never been afraid of taking risk to deliver something unusual. Thunderhorn sounds like it is a famous title of some educational TV series about Africa and its inhabitants, and that’s what Bally wanted to convey through this slot’s imagery: a courageous trip to unknown lands. Players are welcomed to visit the stunning Savanna, enjoy hot weather and getting to know raging rhinos.

Thunderhorn slot machine has one substantial drawback – if you are looking for a penny slot, then you picked the wrong spot to play. Even though technically this game offers affordable spins (an absolute minimum of 0.40 credits seems totally penny-like), Thunderhorn’s payout percentage of 94% implies a long jump before winning a good sum. But do not assume Bally did this to us without a credible reason: Thunderhorn is constructed on a 1024 win-way system, so everything now makes sense. Other than that, the slot machine is truly appealing and has everything you need in one shot. Beautiful layout, amazing scenery, immersive gameplay, huge winning opportunities and superb features to make use of. Thunderhorn may even become your bestie, once you try to roll out to this gambling Savanna.


Theme And Visuals


One aspect for sure: Thunderhorn appears to be an amazingly well-crafted machine, whether we are talking about its theme or graphics. The slot features an African-tuned backdrop, where in-game symbols and other complementary details represent different animals living there: wild cats, goes-without-saying rhinos, but that’s just the first layer. Next on, the machine expose gamblers to tribal motifs and unique flora that you surely expect to witness once you step into such environment.


Animation could not be prettier. Reels revolve in a smooth manner, adjoined by soothing sounds to keep everyone calm and collected. Actually, Thunderhorn goes classic ways in terms of sounds effects: these are classic African themes to draw the atmosphere of being on a safari journey. Each graphics details work together to render the final picture, and although some might find it simplistic, it is what Thunderhorn wants you to see.


1024 Explained


1024-winway was briefly mentioned, and for those who have no faintest idea about this win distribution, there’s a quick guide into the world of no-line layouts. Basically, 1024-formated machines usually utilize a grid of 5 reels and 4 rows to accommodate more space for combinations. What makes this type of slot machines different is total absence of strict paylines. You just collect left-to-right combinations of symbols that have to match on adjacent reels. In other words, if you gather three or more symbols literally anywhere, and these symbols flow as a continuous string from one reel to another, that’s enough to claim your reward. As long as every possible combination works, the number of ‘win-lines’ is equal to 4x4x4x4x4, so you have a field of 1024 winways.


Note. Since gamblers have a big-time load of paylines, payout percentages have to stay in line with this. Which is why Thunderhorn boasts with a high variance of 94%, similar to progressive jackpot machines. You may find it hard to catch a combo, but once in a while crazy things happen and you win really big.



Aside from regular symbols that appear to bring casual coin prize, Thunderhorn offers more chances to win cash – through additional features. If you are feature hooked, the machine might leave a negative impression as there are only two symbols to make difference, Scatters and Wildcards. Scatters are responsible for triggering freespin rounds while Wilds act as replacers and multipliers in one cup. Let’s have a look at how Thunderhorn bonuses players by these elements.


Scatters. The Scatter, a.k.a ‘I activate some good bonus’, is a primitive circle symbol here which has the word ‘bonus’ written inside. The number of Scatters thrown during the base play decides how many freespin rounds you will be able to fetch. Thunderhorn might scatter from two to five Bonus Symbols, and the number of spins increases accordingly.

In case you trap two Scatters, the machine activates a series of five spins. 3, 4 and 5 Scatters award 8, 15 and 20 spins respectively. Nothing new from the perspective of bonusing, but taking into account 1024 ‘lines’ this gets tasty.


Wilds. These cards appear ubiquitously throughout the whole gameplay course, and during freespins as well. When you are on your freespins, Wilds turn on their multipliers, and once they join a combination, they can double or triple the amount. What’s more, Wilds allow to catch a number of respins to prolong the act. As for their regular job, they replace other symbols on the reels. So, there is much functionality to Thunderhorn’s Wilds.


Gameplay Structure


To wrap up technical, Thunderhorn is a machine of 5x4 format, with one additional row to a classic layout. Gameplay consists of 1024 winways. The main focus of bonus attraction is Scatters with their freespins and some occasional Wildcards to expand opportunities. Do not forget about high volatility Thunderhorn is connected to, so get your bankroll prepared for a long course of action.




Speaking of wagers, coin size to the minimum is 0.01 credits, and the minimum sum to wager is 0.40 credits, just like if there were 40 paylines. Since you cannot fix the number of lines and lower stakes, 0.40 is a constant minimum, unchangeable stake. The maxes, though, are impressive. You can raise stakes up to 16 credits as the maximum coin size, and thus spin up to 640 credits per round.




The leading character, Mr. Rhino, is obviously the best paying picture. Get to the max bets, catch five-of-a-kind and reach a mouth watering 4000 credits for this combination. Other symbols are divided into three categories: low-win trash, mid-win I-can-go-with-that and a few high-win symbols. Five bonus Scatters award 9’600 credits.




Thunderhorn is a level-up slot machine in terms of skill and gameplay. In other words, you should choose it if your winning plans are ambitious and you know how to work with 1024 systems. If you are looking for a beautifully depicted distraction, Thunderhorn is not your cup of tea.

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